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The PTE 3D Project on Hungary’s biggest animal protection event



On 29-30th of April, 2017 Dogworld Expo, an Animal Protection Conference, Show and Fair was organised by the Dogworld Fundation in Pécs. The 3D Project made an appearance with a display stand and a science lecture at the event, along with the largest number of experts ever were invited in the country to an animal protection conference.

Nowadays animal care have become a progressive growing industry, and every day new companies enter the field.  During the two days of the Dogworld Expo, animal protection organizations and visitors could get acquainted with new products, the organizations could share useful information with each other, and listened to the professional panels. Almost all fields of animal protection- and care were covered on the educational presentations given by top experts.

The PTE 3D Project display stand featured 3D printed solutions for animal healthcare. Besides the custom printed medical aids and prosthetics, visitors could see the 3D printer in action.

Luca Tóth, our team-mate gave a science lecture with the title of 3D printing in animal care–presentation about the latest medical solutions, showing the application of 3D printing in animal care via several successful surgical interventions.

The lectures on the Expo represented such high level of professionalism, that it is became an extension course event for the Hungarian Veterinary Chamber.