Our objectives

Within the core of the University of Pecs, the Medical School endeavors to pioneer innovations in medical research. The newly formed 3D Print Facility grasps the concept in which 3D print technology will significantly alter the activities including engineering, health and the fine arts. These three pillars will likely witness short to medium advances fundamentally benefiting humankind.

Our objective is to form an intellectual workshop within this rapidly developing field, bringing together a wide array of interests, proceed to the forefront of the latest technologies through testing, and the implementation of today’s innovations.

The 3D Print Facility seeks to absorb the practical knowledge, develop and enhance the skills required in comprehending 3D printing, strive to building partnerships within the industry, facilitate products amongst its stakeholders and evolve into a catalyst promoting contemporary innovations and fostering long term development of the university including the entire region in all aspects of 3D solutions.

Introducing the Project
Nyitrai Miklós

Interview with Professor Mikos Nyitrai, Head of the 3D Print Project

“Our 3D Print Project’s conceptual initiative is to be an exciting, welcoming and efficient think tank with regards to the technical facility and relevant expertise in support of emerging 3D print technology.”

Bódis József

Advanced Technology, Knowledge and Creativity Attract Innovation

Prof. József Bódis, the rector of the University of Pécs introduces the 3D Project

Project leaders

Leaders of the Project

The Committee leading the Project and the leaders of the Working groups