Introducing the Project

Beginning and antecedents of the Project

The University of Pécs PTE 3D Project, in the form of a highlighted regional strategic policy, was born in the summer of 2014 following a proposal from the Rector.

3D Printing and Visualization Technology may appear in the University’s portfolio (as part of the Entrepreneur University project) not only as a significant pursuit of Research, Development and Innovation, but distinctively in the role of providing professional and responsive services to participating faculties throughout the University of Pecs.

Notably, the PTE 3D is currently offering professional support to several interdisciplinary projects and contractors between the various University Faculties including the PTE MS Medi Skill Lab, PTE-E-Health projects, Neural Rehabilitation and Human-Machine Research Center. Additionally, it is aligned with the education development in cooperation with Zinemath Co., Ltd., and Ottobock Hungária Ltd.

In the initial stages of the project, a 3D ‘foundation group’ was formed as the part of the Szentágothai Research Center, cohesively bringing together researchers and students from UOP FEIT, UOP FMVA, UOP MS, UOP FS and UOP FBE.

Notably, in the early stages of the project, a number of prominent and respected Hungarian experts have orchestrated their presentations in support of the 3D Print Project at the University of Pecs.

In response to the professional cooperation among its supporters, the 1st International Interdisciplinary 3D Conference was held in September, 2015, and due to its success, was followed up with a second Conference, hosted in October, 2016. The 3rd International Interdisciplinary 3D Conference is currently being planned and will be hosted from the 5 - 6th of October, 2017.

The conferences are intended to be the 3D project’s professional platform and, due to its success, will be organized on an annual basis.

The present of the Project

The initial period of the 3D Project had been completed, which involved creating personal areas of research and development.

Research teams have been effectively organized in support of the 3D Print Project. In addition to the development in support of their research, several teams have begun its outreach towards including networking amongst industrial partnerships.

Interdisciplinary research has been initiated upon a wide spectrum of specialties, as the positive impact of the researchers professional cooperation.

The 3D Center is currently undergoing construction and the procurement of technological equipment is in process. The first shipment of highly sophisticated 3D printers are expected to arrive in the later half of 2017.

Working group meetings are regularly held on a monthly basis and are open for all inquirers. Personal results and conference experiences are discussed during these meetings. Experts in the field of 3D Print Technology are often invited to these meetings offering their professional consultation.

The future of the Project

Our short-term strategy requires the effective establishment of a professional Innovation Center in support of the University of Pecs, ideally providing the opportunity to Faculty, Staff and students of the University of Pecs, and to the citizens of Pécs to effectively participate in R&D activities.

Additionally, it is also planned to develop and materialize current projects in support of the medium and long-term objectives, ideally completing its service portfolio, based on relevant 3D Print Technology.