Arts Working Group

Leader: Prof. György Fusz

Specifically, the Arts Working Group examines how both 3D technology and 3D printing can be effectively applied toward the process of creating works of art. It is also important to acknowledge, in which it is often expressed, how 3D technology can embellish the creative process and at the same time, enhance conceptual blockbusting regarding the thought process of the artist and relating it to the development of 3D technology. Additionally, the Arts Working Group examines the artistic approach required towards expanding the exploitable characteristics of 3D technologies.

Therefore, the Arts Working Group is enamored with a special aim towards discovering new opportunities and methods in support of the utilization of the technology with the aid of varied, artistic experimentation.

Notably, the Arts Working Group is in a close professional relationship with the members of the Interdisciplinary Material Technology Research Team, in pursuit of unveiling potential material utilization experiments and experimenting with unique printing solutions.

Today, the presence of 3D technologies is not only relevant throughout the fine arts, but distinctively, throughout applied arts, too. The Arts Working Group heeds special attention towards professional education. The objective is to ensure that graduating art students possess a contemporary, reliable knowledge in areas of applied sciences and manufacturing.

The Arts Working Group are made up of two research teams:

  • Fine Arts Group - Leader: Professor Colin Foster, sculptor
  • Applied Arts Group - Leader: Professor Márta Nagy