Medical Working Group

Leader: Prof. Miklós Nyitrai

The primary objectives of the Medical Work Group includes the design and development of experimental medical equipment, specifically, the initial production of prototypes. Emerging technology and the successful market implementation of medical simulation solutions is also a noteworthy aspect regarding the field of research, and one in which the Staff of the Medical Work Group adroitly maneuvers with apparent ease.

Intricate and acute attention is witnessed in the development of robotic and rehabilitative robotics solutions from the onset. Additionally, the Work Group also routinely conducts fundamental research on 3D material-related material testing. The aim of this recent development supports current research, yet serves towards expanding the product development portfolio, based on market partnerships. Today, the Working Group is successfully collaborating with the Science Departments of PTE ÁOK including several independent research teams of the UP, highlighting the following research projects:

  • Effective design of experimental equipment and prototype manufacturing, e.g. the Lensless Imaging Project, a joint development based at the Institute of Microbiology.
  • Fundamental Research Area: 3D Printing Material Technology research, in cooperation with the PTE MIK Department of Mechanical Engineering,
  • Rehabilitation robotics development: Phoenix Orthozis upper limb rehabilitation and Axosuits, regarding lower extremity of the active human exoskeleton, research and development.
  • Designing and manufacturing of medical simulation equipment.

Potential and fully engaged Business partnerships include Gelanyi Innovations Kft., Corvus-Med Kft., Defex Kft., and Axosuits Kft. Through their cooperative willingness, demands made upon the marketplace are being met by participants within this core research network, the Medical Work Group.