Natural Sciences Working Group

Leader: Dr. Attila Horváth

The present research is connected to problem-solving in such biological, pharmaceutical or structural chemistry where the weak molecular interactions play an important role. Preparation of composites using nano-structured semiconducting surfaces with carbon nanostructures, interactions of toxins with proteins, interactions of antibiotics with structural units of cell membranes are representative examples for these studies. In the case of chemical sensors, the successful signal processing often requires simultaneous measuring of several physicochemical properties of materials. Such properties are the absorption, emission vibrational and electrochemical behaviors of analytes. These studies require connecting different measuring systems (e.g. fluorimeter, Raman equipment, potentiostat) using sample holder with a specific design. The research follows two directions towards the development and applications:

  • Designing sample holders for parallel optical and electrochemical measurements, holders for several electrodes in electrochemical studies
  • Applications in materials science, biological and pharmaceutical problems where the main processes are based on the weak molecular interactions