Technical Working Group

Leader: Dr. István Háber | Team Members: Andras Szőke, David Csonka

The purpose of the Technical Working Group is to develop ideas and plans for the 3D Lab in the field of design, material analysis, computerized numerical physical analysis (FEM, CFD) and prototype production. Our Colleagues are available not only for the region’s industry but for inquirers as well. It is worth mentioning our other projects such as automotive development - ORCA hydrogen-cell vehicle; wind generator development support; medical tool developments; prototype production; 3D printed furniture design; VR technology; 3D printing in architecture etc.

The 4 Sub-Research Teams tasks are:

  • Impedance Tomography 3D Realization for medical samples (Research Leader: Zoltan Vizvari; Team Members: Zoltan Sari, Mihaly Klincsik, Peter Odry)
  • 3D Reconstruction with conventional camera (Research Leader: Geza Varady; Team Member: Tamas Storcz)
  • Limb correction tool automatization (Research Leader: Balazs Tukora)
  • Laser welding based 3D printer development (Research Leader: Zoltan Meiszterics; Team Members: Gyula Vasvari, Tamas Zsebe)