25-26th of September, 2015
Szentágothai Research Centre, Pécs, Ifjúság str 20

Main Patron of the event: Dr. László Palkovics, State Minister for Higher Education
Patron of the event: Dr. József Bódis, Rector of the University of Pécs
Project Coordinator: Dr. Miklós Nyitrai, Vice-Dean for Science, Medical School

News, in the media

Sep 9

State Minister for Higher Education, Dr. László Palkovics accepted our request for being the Main Patron of the conference.

Sep 8

Dear Interested Audience,
Thanks to the intensive recent domestic and international press activity the number of pre-registrations increases at a high pace. We kindly ask those who haven't already registered and plan to participate to ensure your attendance by doing it so. Thank you!

Sep 7

Top 3D Bioprinting Event To Be Held In Hungary: Interview
Interview with the organisers by Dr. Bertalan Meskó, medical futurist

Sep 1

PTE 3D Projekt – I. Nemzetközi Interdiszciplináris 3D Konferencia
News item on the Semmelweis News site

Aug 31

University of Pécs to Host 3D Bioprinting and Medical 3D Printing Conference
Article on the 3D Printing Industry (3DPI) news site

University of Pécs to Host 3D Bioprinting and Medical 3D Printing Conference
Blog entry on the Maker 3D Printing site

3D Bioprinting and Medical 3D printing
Forum thread on the GHDonline site

Programme, videos

The YouTube channel of the Conference

Friday, 25th of September

YouTube thumbnail 10:00 - 10:30
Opening ceremony and presentation of the University’s 3D Project - Dr. Berke Gyula, Dr. Nyitrai Miklós, Dr. Bachman Bálint, Végh Tamara
Plenary lectures I - Chairmen: Dr. Pongrácz Judit, Orosz Norbert
YouTube thumbnail 10:30 - 10:50
Joe Cross
The E-nable Project
YouTube thumbnail 10:50 - 11:10
Dr. Claudio Migliaresi
Cell encapsulation and printing
YouTube thumbnail 11:10 - 11:30
Dr. Antonella Motta
Instructive scaffolds to modulate stem cells behavior and angiogenesis
YouTube thumbnail 11:30 - 11:50
Falk György
Trend changes in 3D printing
YouTube thumbnail 11:50 - 12:10
Dr. Petneházy Örs
3D visualization in veterinary and medical education and research
YouTube thumbnail 12:10 - 12:30
Dr. Florian Thieringer
3D printing used in reconstructive maxillofacial surgery
Plenary lectures II - Chairmen: Dr. Nyitrai Miklós, Falk György
YouTube thumbnail 13:20 - 13:40
Danny Cabrera
BioBots Bioprinting
YouTube thumbnail 13:40 - 14:00
Dr. Baranyi Péter
Cyberspace-cloud for everyone
YouTube thumbnail 14:00 - 14:20
David Correa
Bio-inspired 3D Printed Hygroscopic Programmable Material Systems
YouTube thumbnail 14:20 - 14:40
Dr. Jochen Zimmer
MakerBot in education
YouTube thumbnail 14:40 - 15:00
Dr. Pongrácz Judit
3D lung tissue models in understanding carcinogenesis and failure of current therapies
Plenary lectures III - Chairmen: Dr. Petneházy Örs, Dr. Baranyi Péter
YouTube thumbnail 15:20 - 15:40
Giuseppe Catalfamo & Vittorio Satta
The Atoms-Bits Convergence and the new, human centric, multi-perspective foundational framework of the Digital Do It Yourself phenomenon
YouTube thumbnail 15:40 - 16:00
Háber István
Stress analysis of 3D printed implants
YouTube thumbnail 16:00 - 16:20
Manó Sándor
3D printing based bone implant design and preparation
YouTube thumbnail 16:20 - 16:40
Isabel Ferrand
On The Memory of The Hands’
YouTube thumbnail 16:40 - 17:00
Federica Dal Falco
Digital sculpture

Saturday, 26th of September

11:00 - 15:30 Workshops (SZRC seminar rooms and Nádor Gallery -art section-)
Biomedical Engineering
13:00 - 13:30 Dr. Claudio Migliaresi - Patterned Breath Figures surfaces
13:30 - 14:00 Dr. Antonella Motta - Nature-derived polymers: a new opportunity for engineered scaffolds design
14:00 - 14:30 Dr. Pongrácz Judit - Blueprint of the human body - cell by cell printing
14:30 - 15:00 Danny Cabrera - BioBots
15:00 - 15:30 Falk György - Dental applications of 3D printing
3D visualization and virtual reality
13:00 - 13:30 Dr. Florian Thieringer - Segmentation, Modification, Artifacts, 3D Image Manipulation
13:30 - 14:00 Dr. Baranyi Péter - CyberLearning and Collaboration
14:00 - 14:30 Vittorio Satta, Giuseppe Catalfamo - New Digital Fabrication possibilities with 3D printing clusters
14:30 - 15:00 Fröchlich Balázs - Low-cost VR technology in education
3D in arts (Nádor Gallery)
10:30-11:00 Bazsali Gábor, PICKform: Algoritmusokkal támogatott tervezés és a 3D nyomtatás kapcsolata / Algorithms Aided Design and 3D Printing
11:00-11:30 Fröchlich Balázs, PTE MIK, 3D nyomtató Projektek egyenesen NuitLab-ből / Home Made 3D Printing Projects
11:30-12:00 Páll Zoltán, PTE MK: Digitális szobrászat / Digital sculpture
12:00 - 13:30 lunch break
13:30-14:00 Komor István, Zsolnay Porcelánmanufaktúra Zrt.: Digitális forradalom a kerámiaiparban / Digital Revolution in the Ceramic Industry
14:00-14:30 Tomas Medek (CZ): 3D technológiák alkalmazása a szobrászatban / Application of 3D Technologies in the Artist Sculpture Production
14:30-15:00 Fodor Pál, PTE MK: Festményelemzés 3D eszközökkel / Analysing paintings with 3D methods
3D in engineering
13:00 - 13:30 3DZ Budapest Kft. – 3D printing applications
13:30 - 14:00 Istvan Haber – 3D printed objects in prototyping
14:30- 15:00 RPT Innoteq Kft. – 3D printing in production process – case study
15:00 – 15:30 Gabor Bazsali – Algorithms aided design in 3D printing


  • FreeDee Kft.
  • BioBots
  • 3D Printing Zrt.
  • MedForge
  • MakerBot Europe
  • E-nable
  • RPT Inno-Teq Kft.
  • Varinex Zrt.
  • 3DZ Group Budapest
  • JustAnatomy Kft.
  • University of Pécs Technology Transfer Office
  • Simonyi Business and Economic Development Center
  • Szentágothai János Research Centre
  • Földes Tamás: 3D visualization and evaluation of rocks basedon CT measurements in geological interpretations (poster)

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