October 5-6, 2018

Main theme

This year the conference has two sections:

bioprinting   and   engineering


Details of each may be found below.

Location, venue

Szentágothai Research Centre, Ifjúság str 20
University of Pécs Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, Boszorkány str 2, Pécs, Hungary

Preliminary programme

Common to both sections

Friday, October 5


Registration, Szentágothai Research Centre


Opening Ceremony, Szentágothai Research Centre


Keynote presentations, Szentágothai Research Centre


Prof Metin Akay
University of Houston, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Houston, TX, USA

Biomedical engineering – from exoskeletons to human tissues


Dr Jose Luis Carrillo Gamboa
Centro de Medicina Regenerativa, Querétaru, Mexico

3D bioprinting and how do we use it in Osteoarthritis lesions


Dr Glauco R. Souza
Director of Global Business Development and Innovation, 3D Cell Culture Greiner Bio-One
Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, TX USA

Magnetic 3D Bioprinting, from Generating Spheroids to Fingerprinting Cell-Types


Dr Krisztián Fodor
National Institute of Phamramcy and Nutrition

Bioprinted medicinal products and the ATMP regulation


The Bioprinting Section starts at the Szentágothai Research Centre


The Engineering Section starts at the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

Details for each section

Bioprinting Section

Engineering Section