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3D successes of PTE Innovation Day


M3D-Vision development which is part of the PTE 3D Project has received an Innovation Award for Most promising PhD-work.

Péter Maróti (MS Department of Biophysics) and Péter Varga (MS - Surgical Research and Technics) received the award on behalf of the development team.

University of Pécs founded the PTE Innovation Award in connection with the „entrepreneur university” initiative. The purpose of the award is to support those researchers, PhD students and university students who are working on innovative solutions and research projects, which have the business opportunity for UP to appear successfully on local and global markets.

PTE Innovation Day’s (was held on 22-23 of May) highlighted event was the Award ceremony. The event was organized by the Techology Transfer Office and the Szentágothai János Research Centre, where the university’s innovative research teams, awarded researchers and business partners had the opportunity to introduce themselves. On the first day of the event the nominees of the PTE Innovation Award had the chance to display their (supported) innovative ideas to the public. The visitors had the opportunity to get acquainted with controlled drones, 3D printers and innovative surgical instruments.

The prizewinner innovation is an interactive medical 3D imaging and presentation toolkit to release and renew the medical education and health care. Universities, medical students, hospitals, public educational institutions can use the toolkit, which is going to help the educational, researcher and medical work with its inventive display solutions. In the presentation the creators highlighted, that their solution is unique with regard to flexibility and feasibility. The development aims at both hardware-software improvement and integrating the fields of applications, for example, surgery video streaming, educational or consulting purposes. Compared with other similar foreign projects, our development is on an advanced stage at the moment.

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