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UOP is about to be the 3D printing technology paradise


On 21st March 2018 was the Grand Opening of PTE 3D Laboratory with ultramodern 3D printers and several special diagnostic and research equipment, which is going to have a significant part in education and research. Moreover as a Visitor Center, it is going to be freely accessible for anyone who is interested in science and modern technology. The...

With the new 3D Center the UOP – launched under the name of GINOP-2.3.2 Tender ‘Establishment of a 3D visualization technology applied interdisciplinary research, education and development Center at University of Pécs’– entered a new and exciting stage in 3D research.

The development phase of the program is supported with more than 2 billon HUF by the EU. The aim of the University is to revolutionize the development of the region through its 3D project in several fields, such as medical care, the application of state of the art technologies, and research and development-innovation.

The revolutionary development plans are not unrealistic, we have witnessed several exciting initiatives since the launch of the Program, such as, application of sophisticated and affordable artificial exterior frames for people with disabilities and for locomotor function rehabilitation; design and produce personalized prosthetics; using VR technology in diagnostics; developing new materials; developing innovative engineering and industrial solutions; making artworks with 3D printer and so on.

In recent years PTE has been put on the global 3D map, not only because of the highly successful Interdisciplinary 3D Conference, but for those cases, for example, when the UOP’s researchers made a 3D printed prosthetic arm for an 8 year old girl.

The 3D Lab is situated in the PTE Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology’s building complex, it used to operate as the Faculty Library.

The Lab’s two stories are going to serve as a research, experimenting and manufacturing area and the partially freely accessible upper level is going to operate also as a social and educational area. Primary and grammar school classes are going to have the chance to become acquainted with not-so-distant future 3D technology. Downstairs several high performance 3D printers and further special diagnostic and research equipment are going to be placed.

József Bódis, Rector of the University of Pécs told, ‘When a few years ago we set as a strategic goal to become a 3D research basis, very few people believed in us. I think, that this Laboratory that we hand over today, is the best proof, that our dream seems to be fulfilled. I must add, that the real work can now begin in 3D printing, and now our experts, researchers, tutors and students can show, that the 3D Center is in good hands.”