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“I’m a Problem-Solver!” – Interview with Mr. Krisztian Sztojanov


During this year’s 3rd International Interdisciplinary 3D Conference, Mr. Krisztian Sztojanov, broke away briefly from the excitement surrounding both him and his exhibition kiosk, E-Nable, to gracefully share several words us regarding the phenomenal potential of 3D print technology, his return to Pecs as a Guest Speaker and concepts in medicine...

Amongst the very first topic to be clarified at the beginning of our interview with Mr. Sztojanov’s was the following statement, “I don’t like the label prosthesis. Let’s call it Robo-hand!” 

We quickly re-shuffled our sensibilities and realized we were now in the company of a well-travelled visionary, who shook off standardized stereotypical labels with a smile.

“Parents think it’s an advanced thing, but it’s not. It’s a toy.” 

We were, naturally, referring to a model gracefully hosting E-Nable’s Kiosk, a 3D printed Robo-hand. 

Mr. Sztojanov calls Budapest his home and his place of origin. He epitomizes contemporary thinking, with regards to teaching and solving problems. It is his second year to present and attend the Annual 3D Print Conference and his eagerness to converse is infectious. 

How did you become associated with E-Nable and its filliation to the 3D Print Conference?

Mr. Joe Cross, an American, founder of E-Nable Hungary, relocated to Hungary where we met. Eventually he invited me to continue E-Nable Hungary, as Joe moved onto the global market and in doing so, I was appointed Vice President. At one point, the UoP discovered Joe, and he sent me to Pecs representing E-Nable. It was a big thing for me to speak at this year’s 3D Print Conference and I am grateful to Dr. Peter Maroti for the invitation. I’m free from the restrictions of politics. Within my sphere in respect to E-Nable, there are no donations and no salary, it is entirely voluntary!

What motivated you in pursuit of 3D print technology?

I was always a maker, an assembler and a designer, dating all the way back to secondary school. It’s very natural for me to be so. It was during a German Technofest hosted in Sebet, near Hanover, in which I was first introduced to a 3D printer. I wanted one! I’d like to design my own products. So after I could buy a 3D printer I can wake up with an idea and in the afternoon I can hold it in my hand.

What, in your opinion, is a key advantage unique and synonymous with 3D print technology?

When we discuss 3D print technology, there are very few limitations. You can create everything, but you need the right tool to do so. Engineers can achieve this through 3D print technology. And, what is synonymous to 3D printing is you don’t find yourself waiting for others, and their input or contributions.

What is the future of 3D Printing?

One must determine the functionality when contemplating the different and evolving characteristic capabilities 3D printing today offers. Such as, in the case of Medical versus Industry, versus all-purpose, household use. Medical 3D printing offers precision and standard household 3D printing is quickly becoming cost-effective and affordable.

How will 3D print technology best suit human kind?

If we talk strictly with regards to human beings, then it’s absolutely, first and foremost, in the field of medicine, followed by engineering, which undoubtedly will grow exponentially with the arrival of 3D print technology. In regards to pleasure and enjoyment, we will most certainly and likely see growth in 3D printing at the level of household use.

Are there any ‘myth-busters’ with regards to 3D print technology?

From my perspective, only when considering automatization, specifically, throughout Industry.

Lastly, are there any words of encouragement you wish to share with school-age children?

Feel the flow. Remember, in the world of 3D printing, you are most likely doing what you like to do, and today, you now have the ultimate tool!

The 3D Print Marketing Committee is appreciative to Mr. Krisztian Sztojanov in the sharing of his valuable time during the interview. We are grateful to Mr. Sztojanov, and his return to Pecs including his excellent presentation and the Kiosk, E-Nable