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Expansion Programs in Support of the PTE 3D Center – The Newly Opened Materials Testing Laboratory!



The precise development of a geometric prototype of regarding finely tuned and delicately intricate mechanical elements including potential implants proves to be a highly complex process, of which material testing and measurements obviously play a crucially important role.

Strikingly, it is of particular relevance in which a continuously expanding additive manufacturing facility of the PTE 3D Center is now handsomely supplemented with a dedicated material testing laboratory. Its primarily function serves as the in-house testing for research purposes, however, in addition to the research activity, of course, it will also serve towards supporting educational programs and events, notably, first in the form of live demonstrations. In regards to the immediate benefit and in direct support of the 3D Print Technology Center,  material testing bears biomedical significance in addition to engineering, for example, measuring and testing how to effectively drive a screw into human bone, or testing the physical properties of proposed implants.

The Senior Leadership of the 3D Print and Technology Center’s vision includes a realistic plan in which the laboratory will be fully accredited within this year, meaning, officially approved testings, or such protocols and documents, which once were only available in laboratories in Budapest, or beyond, will one day soon be professionally accomplished locally. The accreditation process is projected over the ensuing six months, and provides the Center’s Staff ample time for training, administrative and clerical support and the operational functionality of the laboratory. 

The professional services will also be available to business entities serving in the private sector. 

The Materials Testing Laboratory will be officially operational at the end of February.