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Cooperative Unity Expressed Among Corvus-Med Ltd. and the PTE 3D Center


Corvus-Med Kft., was orginally founded in 2009, in Pécs, and today is a manufacturer and distributor of medical aid devices (artificial limbs, plastic and textile corsets and various walking machines). Additionally, Corvus-Med Kft., provides medical care closely related to the successful rehabilitation to individuals with a disability.

Distinctly, the spirit of cooperation harkens back to the dawning of an era, some 4-5 years ago, when Dr. Péter Maróti presented his research regarding the development of clinical prostheses to Mr. Csaba Csóka, Managing Director, Corvus-Med Ltd. The corporate interest spawned an immediate response to the researcher's topic, including the potentiality in using 3D technology. 

The first joint project in which the 3D Center participated stretches back to 2016, and was in support of the development of a limb prosthesis using newly enhanced technological achievements. The technology of the commonly referred to, ”myoelectric” upper limb prosthesis has since developed as the basis for a patent supported by the PTE Innovation Committee. The developers are hopeful the result of their cooperative project will soon become a tangible product. 

Today, a professional investor is interested in development (Creative Accelerator). If and when the investment contract is signed, the university’s ’spin-off’ entity projects the potential business value at more than 30 million forints regarding the later phases in development.


In consideration of the 3D Center, this is the first collaboration with a permanent third-party contractor based on consistent levels of professional collaboration. In practice, Corvus-Med, Ltd. rents their workspace which is adjacent to the 3D Center ensuring close cooperation. Collaborative effort is based on R,  D & I agreements and benefits from the physical proximity of various corporate entities. 

The implementation of 3D technologies in the development, production processes and the new problem-solving approaches of the 3D Center offer many new possibilities in support of its varied operations. From another perspective, the decades of manufacturing and application experience enured at Corvus-Med, Kft., in the field of prosthetics represent an invaluable knowledge base from which the PTE 3D Center professionals can potentially benefit.

Another aspect bearing relevance is the recent relocation of Corvus-Med, Kft., including its complete portfolio of services to the new site. The obvious business advantage assures patients will be seen here, resulting in a single environment intent on achieving its corporate goals while improving a multitude of aspects in treating patients. The newly renovated environment now includes a medical clinic, a gymnastic physiotherapist, and a laboratory (in which the prosthesis undergoes transformation from the prototype to a highly customized prosthesis, exclusive to the patient. The windfall means patients no longer are compelled to wander between sites and now appreciate immediate access to the entirety of professional medical services they are seeking. Additionally, Medical and prosthesis designer professionals can directly experience production and witness up close, implementation in practice.


In addition to the synergistic approach to the development and production processes, cooperation also offers the possibility of launching specific training courses in support of students. Initially, a joint training program regarding orthopedic technicians is planned in cooperation with the Medical School, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology (representative of the theoretical background) and Corvus-Med, Kft., which provides the practical background. Participants in the training program thus will enjoy the benefits in working with one of the leading corporate entities in the field of prosthetics throughout Hungary, while the 3D Center will align itself towards demonstrating the latest innovative technologies in production at a university-level, theoretical background. 

Interestingly, Corvus-Med, Kft. is also the regional representative of Otto Bock, which is currently one of the leading manufacturers and developers of prosthetic devices worldwide, hence, the knowledge Corvus-Med, Kft. provides may draw global appeal. 

In the near future, a corporate goal will be the effective launch of a host of  training programs at the university level in areas closely related to the physician-engineer field.

Gábor Szabó