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ZWSOFT Donates ZW3D licenses to the UP 3D Centre


ZWSOFT Donates ZW3D licenses to the University of Pécs 3D Printing & Visualization Centre to help us improve advancing medical solutions using 3D printing and visualization technologies.

Our engineer, János Mendler is mainly responsible for developing training simulators for students at the medical school of the University of Pécs (UP).

According to János, the daily workflow is the following: “After importing the source file, we design the needed 3D CAD model and then print a 3D solid shape as the main part. Using the main part we can make a silicone mold, and then we can use the mold for product casting with materials like polyurethane or acrylic.”

“We use 3D CAD software to do the part design and product assembly and then export files for 3D printing,” said János. “We are looking for a cost-effective yet useful CAD solution. We tried ZW3D and found it the best choice on the market.”

After knowing our demand for 3D CAD software, and the ambition of advancing medical technology using 3D printing and visualization technologies, UP Engineering Ltd, ZWSOFT’s local reseller in Hungary, decided to donate ZW3D licenses to the PTE 3D Center on behalf of ZWSOFT in 2021. Within the framework of this cooperation, UP Engineering Ltd has provided us with a dozen of ZW3D education licenses for academic research.

The company's article on the collaboration can be found on this link.