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Prototype Development and Production

By combining the services of the UP-3D Centre, our staff is ready to guide our partners through a complete prototype development process. We can handle all steps of the most complex development processes, from idea generation to technical design and physical implementation, resulting in a finished, marketable product.

Our engineers translate ideas into CAD designs, with a focus on feasibility, the desired physical characteristics of the target product, efficiency and sustainability.

With the help of 3D printing and the materials testing lab, models can be moulded into physical forms with the desired technical properties, and our mechanical engineers and technicians can design the necessary electronics and assemblies as well.

If the characteristics of the target product depend on the physical dimensions and material properties of existing objects (e.g. component manufacturing), our 3D scanners can also be used for reverse engineering.

A number of long-term, ongoing and fruitful partnerships illustrate that the UP-3D is a cutting-edge centre at the forefront of medical engineering.

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If you have any questions, or if you would like to request a price quote or place an order, please contact us at:

The starting point of the process can be a technical drawing, a description or simply an idea.

Once your request has been received and processed, you will be contacted by our staff and, after consultation, a price quote will be provided for the various stages of development.

If you have any professional or technical questions, please contact one of our experts.


Attila Péntek

+36 30 324 6124


Your Anastomosis

Partnership with ME3D - Graft Ltd. for the prototype development of the “YourAnastomosis” simulator and instruments product line. The product is a “vessel filling” device for the preparation of FEA analysis, capable of injecting polyurethane or resin into the inner lumen of simulated vessel sections, ensuring the subsequent use of an accurate impression. The UP-3D Centre also provided design services for the development of this product.

Phoenix project - Gelányi Innovations Ltd.

3D printing, scanning, material testing and design for the development and construction of an orthosis to replace missing hand functions in patients with spastic paralysis of the hand, as part of the Phoenix project of Gelányi Innovations Ltd.

Human Arm Prosthesis Development

Prolimb Ltd. was established as a spin-off company of the University of Pécs following a venture capital investment. Its objective is to develop a highly functional, 3D printable and myoelectrically-controlled upper limb prosthesis.