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Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

Industrial-grade printing for small-scale production or prototype development from polyamide powder (nylon)

Machine Park

EOS Formiga P110

Our laser-sintering industrial printer is a flexible and cost-effective tool for polymer Additive Manufacturing. It is ideal for cost-effective small batch production and for creating unique, customized products with complex geometries. It allows objects to be printed one inside the other without the need for cutting or gluing. Objects with a maximum contruction height of 330 mm can be printed on the work surface.

Produces the most complex models from CAD data in just a few hours.

Uses a 30W CO2 laser with a scanning speed of 5 metres per second.

Printing Time

The manufacturer gives the speed in mm/hour: the tool can build up to 20 mm per hour. Of course, it depends on the detail of the model and the layer thickness, as a 0.06 mm layer thickness can be more time-consuming.

Source File

The SLS printer supports .STL files, but other popular formats can only be processed after conversion.

Layer Thickness

With PA 2200, for example, 0.06 mm, 0.1 mm and 0.12 mm are possible options, but some materials do not allow a layer thickness of 0.06 mm.

Model Size

The printing area is 200 x 250 x 330 mm, but larger models can only be printed in pieces.

Model Materials

Raw materials used by this machine can be either polystyrene or polyamide. The vast majority of them can be recycled, which makes this device environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

PA 2200, PA 2201, PA 3200 GF, PrimeCast 101 and PA 2105 can also be used with this technology. Please note that the UP-3D Centre’s SLS printer is using PA 2200.


Foundation Stone for UPMS

Preparation of a SLS-model for the foundation stone of the new educational block of the University of Pécs Medical School, as a representative contribution produced in a small series.

Pécs Zoo project

Collaboration with the Pécs Zoo Nonprofit Ltd. for the 3D printing of exotic animal skeletons (e.g. chameleons, turtles) or parts of animals (e.g. zebra skull, tiger skull) using SLS and FDM technologies for educational and display purposes.

Business card holder

Business card holder for the 25th anniversary conference of the Association of Hungarian Automotive Component Manufacturers (MAJOSZ), produced in a small series with SLS technology.

Reproduction of human organs using 3D printing

Reproduction of various human organs, mainly using SLS and SLA technologies, for surgical preparation or as an educational aid that facilitate preparing medical teams. The 3D models produced from medical imaging scans after segmentation result in tangible plastic models that, when held in the hand, clearly show the vast majority of changes and lesions.

Dental Kit

Modular educational training set for dental students with freely variable content, commissioned by the Department of Dentistry and Oral Surgery of the University of Pécs, using SLA and SLS technologies and silicone casting.

Solar Decathlon 2019

SLS and FDM design and printing of the joint entry piece submitted by the University of Pécs, University of Miskolc and the Saad Dahlab Univerity of Blida, Algeria (USDB) for a university innovative building competition, which won 2nd place in the architectural category and 3rd place in the energy efficiency category.